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Risk factors for depression in women

Women have greater chance for developing depression disorder due to some particular factors. One of the risk factors for depression is the number of children. Women giving birth to many children have greater chance for depression. Women more often become the victims of rape, domestic or street violence so they have an increased risk of major depression. Other risk factors include:
  • Oral contraceptives containing high progesterone.
  • History of physical/sexual trauma.
  • Stress.
  • Family history of psychotic disorders and mental illnesses.
  • The treatment of infertility.
  • Death of a parent before the age of 10.
  • Personal history of psychotic disorders.

Women may experience the following symptoms of depression:

  • Irritable mood.
  • Reduction of interest or pleasure in everyday activities.
  • Loss of interest in sex, lack of sexual desire.
  • Feelings of guilt, fear, hopelessness, and worthlessness.
  • Suicidal thoughts.
  • Insomnia or sleeping too much.
  • Changes in eating habits including weight loss or weight gain.
  • Problem concentrating or maintaining attention.
  • Persistent fatigue.
In addition to all the mentioned symptoms women are more likely than men to commit suicide as a result of depressive condition. All suicide thoughts should be considered seriously, women with major or clinic depression should be helped.  
Risk factors for depression in women