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Ladies consuming calcium everyday live longer

A new study suggests that ladies taking about 1 g of calcium each day are healthier than those who do not and they can live longer life. It was estimated that ladies who regularly take different diet supplements including calcium, have a greater chance to live longer years and have no problems with bones. Such serious and common condition in women as osteoporosis reduces the life span and puts them at risk for early dying.

The regular use of calcium, which is stored in the organism of a woman, has been linked to reduction of the development of osteoporosis and early death. It was also detected that the concomitant use of vitamin D may be beneficial in absorption of much calcium in the body.

The results of the studies prove that the risk of premature death in women gets reduced up to 25% if they consume calcium daily.

The calcium mineral is recommended to be used from common sources such as dairy products and food supplements with calcium and vitamin D.

The normal level of calcium in blood is associated with better bone metabolic processes, normal blood pressure, normal cholesterol and bowel proper function.

The food agencies and associations of healthy nutrition consider that consumption of 800-1000 mg of calcium per day from milk, yoghurt, cheese, green vegetables and food supplements improves the general health in women, make them more beautiful and attractive, and reduces health risks.

Consuming calcium to prevent osteoporosis

Calcium is considered one of the key nutrients for both men and women. Still women due to certain natural factors can lose the calcium from their bodies more quickly and from the age of 40-45 they need more of this nutrient to get their nervous system, muscles, heart, bones function properly.

The nutrient calcium allows the body staying strong, beautiful and healthy. Calcium is a vital building material for bone health during the whole life.

If a person consumes this nutrient in insufficient amounts, it can cause anxiety, depression, insomnia, and more serious conditions like osteoporosis.

Regular consumption of foods rich in calcium, vitamin D and K contributing to support calcium absorption from the stomach, can prevent lots of health issues and provide lots of benefits to general health.

Taking calcium for general health and strong bones

The mineral calcium is found in bones, teeth, practically in every cell of the body. It helps to send messages through the nervous system, to contract the muscles properly, to control and regulate the work of the heart, provide the appropriate blood clotting and other things.

Important for life, calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body. Still lots of women don’t get enough of this nutrient from their diet. This leads to the process which induces the body to use calcium from bones to provide normal cell function. Thus, calcium is taken from the bones making them weak and easily broken. The disease of osteoporosis is resulted from calcium deficiency and can be fatal if not treated as soon as possible.

The question which lots of women find difficult to answer is “How much calcium should be consumed per day?” Besides, they also do no fully understand how to use calcium to take the most from it.

To protect the bones and stimulate the general health, the medical experts suggest using up to 1 gr of calcium per day with foods and food supplements. Calcium is hard to be absorbed from the stomach. It should be used with vitamin D, magnesium, vitamin K to help the body get the proper amount of calcium per day.

By getting the calcium as a single mineral, you will probably get minor or no benefits. Right calcium intake means getting it from various resources including mineral and vitamin complexes which contribute to adequate absorption of calcium.

For all women the matter with calcium intake should be extremely significant as it can help to prevent lots of serious health disorders and save their beauty, wellbeing for long.

Ladies consuming calcium everyday live longer