Why does Cialis fly off the shop shelves?

§ What troubles men today?

The most troublesome sexual health condition of all times is ED – erectile dysfunction or common for men impotence.

Perhaps, it is one of the most serious health conditions, which signals about other health problems in the body of a man.a troubled man

The condition affects the living of many men, by giving them much suffering and fears. The impotance of ED treatment cannot be overestimated. It is first thing to do when one has the symptoms of impotence. The symptoms may vary from men to men, but common are:

Difficulty in getting erections;

Having weak erections;

Losing erections soon after getting them or soon after penetration;

Inability to get erections.

Therefore the proper treatment for impotence is a vital and most essential thing to do. There are lots of effective treatments for this condition. Some of them are very good, but the best one is of course, Cialis.

§ Half of men with ED choose Cialis

Almost 50% of all men who have ED problem take Cialis treatment. It’s the best sort of ED solution which assists men in getting through the ED complications. In short Cialis is one of the most chosen anti-impotence drugs along with Viagra.

ciaStill Cialis has its certain indisputable superiority over Viagra. Famed Cialis works for more than 36 hours having the same other characteristics as Viagra.

Besides, it is produced in lower doses, which implies lower risks for side effects and possibility to use it daily (in the dose of 5 mg).

The price of the medicine is attractive for men who need reliable and effective treatment and guaranteed help.


§ Superiority of Cialis

Cialis is 100% perfect regarding its energy of work, easy use and high efficacy.

The main component in Cialis is a famous Tadalafil. This particular substance is consumed by mouth, about 30 minutes before sex.cia1

The sexual excitement before intimacy makes sure that a man can accomplish hard erection.

Actually Tadalafil prevents the work of an enzyme called PDE(5) and unblocks the blood flow to the penis. The blood vessels start to open and allow more blood to rush to the organ making it stiff.

Besides, Cialis invokes the compound cGMP that helps to make blood flow ordinary and correct.

The long work of Cialis lets men to forget about fussiness of the situation and relax enjoying all the benefits of safe and effective treatment.

Cialis is ordered online without a prescription from a doctor. Even so, it is better to have a word with your GP to be confident in safe use.


Cialis Soft Tabs for Hardness in the Right Place

§ ED ruins sexual life

Erectile Dysfunction is a ruinous condition for one’s sexual life. It spoils the intimate moments and causes unhappiness.

The damages, ED causes may be irreversible, thus there must be a right and sure treatment.

Doctors often ask men about their preferences in the treatment of impotence. The most frequent requirement to the medicine is its efficacy. It should be reliable and work every time a man takes the pill. Besides, men are worried about side effects and safety of the medicine they are going to take.

§ Cialis – Tadalafilsoft

Only Cialis can meet all these requirements. It is a medicine containing Tadalafil, – a component providing 100% best treatment results and low rates of side effects.

Cialis is aimed at dealing with erectile problem in men. It effectively helps people get harder and longer erections.

This medicine is recognized as one of the most prescribed medicines for oral use in the treatment of ED in men.

§ Cialis Soft

Cialis Soft is a type of generic Cialis containing the basic element Tadalafil.

The dosage form of the medicine – a soft tab allows the active component to dissolve faster in the body and thus act much quicker.

Cialis Soft can be purchased in most online stores at a very attractive price.

The soft Tadalafil inside the medicine functions excellent to give a man special powers to perform in bed greatly.

Men can be sure to experience hardness in the right place at the right moment.

Cialis Soft works for more than 36 hours. During this period the medicine remains as effective as it is just after use.

The blood flow given by the action of Cialis Soft is substantial with the object of penile tissues. The male organ is filled with extra blood and gets erect.

§ How to take

Cialis Soft tab needs only 20 minutes to be absorbed from the blood. One should take it before sex, about 15-20 minutes. The functioning period usually lasts for 30-36 hours. In some individuals it can last for more than 2 days.

One should place the pill into the mouth and wait until it dissolves completely. The medicine can be taken after meal. Alcohol should be avoided.

soft2§ High standard of quality

The medicine is generic but it does not mean that it is of poor quality. All generic medicines are produced under high standards of quality control and contain only thoroughly tested and verified components.

Online stores usually sell only genuine medicines which will bring only good to their clients.

The high quality of Cialis Soft guarantees refreshment in the intimate life and natural dealing with erectile issues.

Men who like safe and effective medicines should try Cialis Soft as an excellent alternative to other oral ED drugs. Its pleasant flavor and marvelous results will make each man glad and satisfied.

Regular sexual activity reduces your chance for ED

§ What does sex mean for your body and health?

The penile tissues are the muscle in the body, which stays active and tough when a man is young. With time this muscle like any other muscle in the body gets flabby and torpid.

A man experiences problem to make the penis active and rigid for sexual activity.

This may happen due to many reasons including reduced muscle tone, inadequate blood flow, nerve damage and others. mens health

§ When the problem appears

The fact is, if a man uses the organ infrequently, the muscle gets senseless and stagnant.

To improve the erection quality a man should train this muscle regularly by sending the blood to it.

The natural way to train the penile muscle is to have erections and sexual activity.
§ Having more sex

Having more sex means having longer sexual activity and healthier way of living.

The quality of erections remains the same as in the 30s and 40s in men in their 60s if they have regular sexual intercourses.

frequentED or erectile dysfunction happens when there is inadequate blood supply to the penis. When a man uses the organ often, he is less likely to experience any erectile difficulties.

§ Researches and facts

According to one great research, conducted by Finnish experts, men, who engage in frequent sexual activity, did not suffer from any sexual problems including erectile dysfunction.

Experts foster men to be more sexually active regardless from their age.

It is also supposed that those men, who have sex only once a week or less, are at greater risk for ED developing.

Those who have sex as more as 3 times a week are less susceptible to diseases of sexual health.

Cialis ensures sexual activity regardless of age

manLove-making ability is an essential part of any relationship. The problems with sexual function occurring in a man can spoil every romantic aspect of being in love. People in more advanced years often deprive themselves of sexual pleasures simply because they do not know the effective treatments for ED problem. Cialis is an anti-impotence agent which helps men to obtain most powerful erections regardless of age.
Tadalafil has become a breaking remedy for ED treatment first time it appeared on the market. Their distinctive feature is long-lasting action. The medicine remains in the body for almost 36 hours. This makes it a wonderful mean for the treatment of ED in men.
The medicine is very effective. It helps men regardless from their age, severity of their ED condition, health state. The chemical composition of the drug allows men to obtain erections within 30 minutes post oral dose and get them as long as 36 hours. The low dose of the drug produces absolutely no or limited number of erections. Even with the highest recommended dose of Cialis you will most likely have no side effects.
The convenient regimen of Cialis use allows to take it as needed in larger doses (10 and 20 mg pills) and every day in lower dose of 5 mg.
Cialis can really be called a special product which takes into account all the needs of men and meets every their requirements regarding ED treatment.

Atherosclerosis – the common reason behind impotence in men

Impotence or erectile dysfunction can occur in men of any ages, still it is more common in adult aged men. Around 70% of all erectile dysfunction cases is due to diabetes and atherosclerosis.
(ED) is a harbinger of penile vascular dysfunction and is used as a marker for cardiovascular disease (CVD). It is vital to find out if this condition is an early sign of such serious disease as atherosclerosis. Several clinical researches held to establish the link between atherosclerosis and Erectile dysfunction show that ED is an early demonstration of cardiovascular disease (CVS), vascular disease, atherosclerosis and other related conditions.
Atherosclerosis causes plaques on the inner lining of blood vessels associated with increased cholesterol in the blood. The blood circulation gets reduced first in the smaller vessels such as penile arteries, then in the larger such as leading to the heart. Affected blood flow or inadequate blood supply to the penis causes weak or no erections.
Studies demonstrated that men with a previous history of atherosclerosis had experienced erectile dysfunction in 60% of cases.
So the link between these two conditions is obvious. ED should be considered as a marker or risk factor for atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease.
Certain risk factors of cardiovascular disease lead to erectile dysfunction including: obesity, diabetes, hypertension, smoking and consumption of alcohol.
Studies demonstrated that men who get proper medical help for atherosclerosis and ED in the right time tend to avoid the serious health consequences of these disorders (infarction, strokes and deaths).
The diagnosis of ED is important. A doctor examines a patient gets the full health checkup.  Certain blood tests and procedures are required.  There are certain medications available too which a man can take to improve general health and bring back his sexual life.

Comments of the patients


I am twenty five and I have serious problems with disfunction. I have I girlfriend and she recommend to buy any drugs for treatment my problem. But I didn’t know what drug to buy and went to the urologist and he recommended to try 20mg Cialias and now all is good. We have good sex and very happy. Ican relax and know everything’s going to work. Just wished it was cheaper.

Myths and Facts about Cialis

Cialis is one of the top selling Erectile Dysfunction drugs for men, but you must read this article, if you want towhat-is-cialis

use Cialis. In Internet you can find many myths and truth about this drug.

Cialis is an ED drug that should be used after consulting with your specialist of health to find if it is right for you.

Fact 1-is a real drug that provides an improvement in sexual performance does reinforce the belief

in its power

Fact 2- without stimulus an erection will not occur.

Fact 3- this drug does not cause any erection chemically

Myth 1- drug’s effects can last longer than four hours

Myth 2- a patient will receive an instant erection following ingestion of the drug

Myth 3- Cialis helps increase a man’s libido

Correct facts will enable each man to understand what Cialis does and does not do.

The need for heart exam before ED treatment

Medical professionals assert that lots of adult males who experience coronary artery disease (CAD) before suffered from erectile dysfunction for some period of time.
The scientists invoke men who are having erectile problems today to have heart medical exams. The link between impotence and heart disease has been proven by several studies and is regularly confirmed by the clinical observations.heart exam
Lots of men with ED symptoms tend to experience some type of coronary symptoms within 3 years. Another 2 years usually result in cardiovascular event such as a heart attack, stroke.
One of the newest studies proves that in two thirds of the men, ED occurs before the beginning of cardiovascular disease.
Males with type 2 diabetes and ED are more prone to sub form of CAD, with such symptoms as poor blood flow and hardening of the arteries.
According to the evaluations made during the studies, men with more severe ED tend to experience more severe CAD.
The link between these two conditions is associated with atherosclerosis, a common condition that prevents normal blood flow and leads to hardening of the arteries. First smaller arteries around the penis are affected, then there comes the time for larger arteries around the heart.
ED can without question be a warning sign or a marker to other more serious health problems in men. Medical specialists think that men with ED should get more information about their disorder and the consequences it may lead to.

My opinion


Since my last review I have continued to take Cialis online without food on an empty stomach and without any side effects at all. I have now tried taking this drug  daily, every 2nd day. If I take daily as prescribed by my urologist  I have noticed that the very best time of day to take Cialis is lunchtime, so the very hardest erections occur at morning bedtimes and evening. I am very happy with Cialis , but  yes it’s expensive but I want to continue taking this drug. Absolutely Transformational!

Important Cialis facts

Cialis is an effective remedy for erectile dysfunction issues, approved by the FDA.  If you have the symptoms of impotence then visit your doctor and discuss with him/her the use of Cialis.  Get more knowledge about this mighty medication.

Cialis use is only by prescription.

This medication is available in local pharmacies only with a prescription of a medical professional. So it can be obtained only after visiting a doctor.

Online pharmacies offer this medication without prescription. Men can buy Cialis at a more remunerative price. Still a doctor’s consultation is never superfluous. Only a doctor can recommend you the proper dosage respecting your age, the severity of your problem and other existing medical disorders.

Cialis is contraindicated with nitrates.

Cialis online is contradictory with nitrate-containing medications. Mixing Cialis with any nitrate can lead to a reduction in blood pressure levels and to such serious condition as a heart attack.

Cialis can cause vision problem.

In men with certain eye problem, who are older than 55 years of age, who have diabetes, heart problem or hypertension Cialis may produce blurred vision, vision changes and vision loss.

Only with stimulation Cialis can work.

Only a sexually stimulated man can adequately respond to the therapy with Cialis.  The medication starts its work and helps men maintain and keep erections after sexual stimulation.

Efficacy of Cialis.

Cialis efficacy depends on the dosage.  Larger doses give more powerful erections.

Have more benefits from Cialis use and minimize the side effects by taking it properly.